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The Last Post


With significant changes in the delivery of the Arts curriculum at our school in 2018, it is timely to wind up this FlaggyMusic blog.

From Term 1, Mrs Hayley Simmons will join me in teaching Music, Dance, Drama & Media Arts across all classes, R-7. We’ll both be concentrating on Dance in Term 1.

The remaining Arts strand, Visual Arts, will continue to be taught within Classroom programs.

Arts news will be shared via the daily blog.

Instrumental Music Programs will be expanded. Information to consider over the holidays will come your way this week.




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Term 4 Music Notes


Music: Count Us In

Thanks everyone for ‘Shining Together’ at today’s Assembly. The Year 3 & 4 recorder players were a real highlight, and the Auslan signing helped to focus our minds on what we were singing and the joy of sharing music.

You can find a big list of youtube videos here to help you sing and sign your way through ‘Shine Together’.

And here is the Music Matters animation – it tells a good story.

Tune in and scroll down if you SING WELL and will be in Year 5, 6 or 7 next year.

The SAPPS Choir (hot-shot choir run by the Festival of Music team) is holding auditions in November. Some students have already received a parent letter, but here it is if you would like more information. It would be great to have a few Flaggy singers in SAPPS in 2018.

Classroom Music Overview

This term, the students are bringing together their singing and dancing skills. Instrumental Music students are being encouraged to play for their class. Recorders are featuring in Yr 1 to Yr 4 classes. We’re also making the most of lesson time to rehearse concert items. The ideas being developed by Class Teachers together with their students are very creative and adventurous. The items will be fabulous! Christmas songs to end each concert will be trialed and selected over the next couple of weeks. Let me know of any sing-a-long favourites, and we’ll give them a try.

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Order Festival of Music DVD, Souvenir Photo


The Festival website now has links to order the DVD ($36) and the Souvenir Photo of Concert #5.

DVD / Photo order

The school will be ordering a DVD for the Resource Centre. You will be able to borrow it in Term 4.

Here is a low res. version of the Concert #5 Souvenir Photo. The high resolution product available for purchase shows much more facial detail.

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Congratulations Choir & Troupe Students


Congratulations all round to every performer and all families for a really enjoyable concert on Saturday night.

Such a lot of faces on stage – amazing sound and energy.

To the 23 Flaggy Choir members and 2 Troupies, you were outstanding and I’m very proud of you.

A huge thanks to all families who showed patience and understanding after the concert by allowing me to sight and sign off that every single student was united with their carer.

The students all have a feedback task to complete tonight, ready to hand in to me tomorrow. I’ll collate the responses in ‘choir time’ tomorrow and include some/all in the Certificate presentation at Thursday’s assembly.

This year, the Charity focus for the Festival of Music has been Fauna Rescue – and specifically, Minton Farm at Cherry Gardens. I think it will be fun to celebrate the end of the Festival in Choir Time next Tuesday, 26th Sept., by sharing a light afternoon tea made with ingredients that our rescued native animals also like! The list is included below.

Could every choir member also bring something from the list as a donation to Minton Farm. I can drop it off to them after school. It’s not all food – some first aid and medical supplies are also appreciated by Bev Langley and her team of dedicated fauna carers.

Thank You in advance

Robyn Videon

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Choir Countdown


Please be at school at 8a.m. on Saturday for Roll Call prior to leaving for the AEC Rehearsal. I still need a volunteer to help on the bus. A call has gone out to Staff and Pre-service teachers too, but Saturdays are very widely booked up. Please let me know by tomorrow (Thursday) if you have clearance and can come with us – thank you.

I’ll be at school tomorrow for any questions. Still need to sight a couple of T-shirts. Thanks to those who have made a special effort to do this.

Paper copy of update sent home today, together with SMALL LAMINATED PARENT PASS. Keep it safe as you’ll need it twice on Saturday night. Refer to update below.





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AEC Countdown – 10 days to go


We had a very good rehearsal last week. With over 800 choristers filling the Woodville Town Hall, the students were able to hear the fantastic effect of their massed voices.

During our session today, it was clear that our choir members had listened carefully to the Conductors’ instructions (both Cathy Lange and Robyn Filmer are leading our concert), and will do a great job on the night of their concert at the end of next week. ‘Hot Spots’ for each song are included in this post. Please consider having a look through to help with your child’s preparation.

Ticket sales have been going very well, with Ticketek releasing extra A Reserve seating.

T-shirts were given out today. I need to sight each child’s T-shirt during the next few days to ensure suitability. Previous years’ Festival T-shirts are fine. Check you have black, closed, flat shoes and long dark green school pants or leggings (ankle length) with dark socks – no visible skin please.

That’s enough for today! Here are the Hot Spots.

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Off-site Choir Rehearsal next Monday


The Woodville Town Hall rehearsal is next Monday – 28th August. Music Room roll call at 8:30am.


We should be back at school by Lunch 2. Check previous post for more details about this rehearsal, ticket purchasing and AEC rehearsal & performance times.

I need one parent volunteer to accompany us for the day next Monday. Clearance required. Please let me know asap (via email please robyn.videon208@schools.sa.edu.au)  if you can spare the time. It is always an exciting and uplifting experience to see and hear the massed choir come together with the orchestra for the first time.

Details regarding performance night logistics will be posted after next week’s rehearsal is behind us.


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Festival Choir info. pack given out today


These notes hand delivered today – named, so no-one missed out!

Ticket ordering is all directly with Ticketek, so read the note in today’s pack carefully. Bookings don’t open for a week, so there’s time to get your head around it I hope.

Availability reply slip by Tuesday 1/8/17 (next week).

There will be additional info. about the logistics at AEC coming out later.

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Festival Choir Tshirt order


The order form (copy below) was given out in choir today. One week only to order if required. Not compulsory, although performance Tshirt must be plain, bright (but not white, black or grey) and loose fitting. See pic below – apologies to the 2015 ‘models’. Look in the boys’ department of Big W, K-Mart etc. as girls’ tees often have smaller cap sleeves.

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Week 10 update


Music Night

Thank you to all performers and supporters for such a lovely evening on Tuesday 4th July.

The audience skills were outstanding! So important to create a positive, respectful space in which the musicians can do the best job possible on the night.

Festival Choir AEC Concert Saturday 16th September

The Concert Grid has arrived. We are in Row 3

Our Choir is needed for the whole morning for rehearsal on that day, plus the evening performance. The first, and only other  rehearsal, is on Monday 28th August, at Woodville Town Hall. Transport costs for the 2 rehearsals have already been paid by most families early in the year – thank you.

Ticket Information

Choreography Leaders

Nominations for Choreography Leaders and Online Audition Bookings are open. For more information go to the website http://www.festivalofmusic.org.au/choreography-leaders.html

Preparing for Semester 2, Year 1 – 4 Recorder Lessons

We have ordered new recorders for all Year 1 students, plus some extras for those Yr 2-4s who need a new/replacement instrument. Some of these extra orders have been received already – thank you.

Year 1s will be supplied with a bonus cleaning rod! (We’ll have some extra rods available for $1. Don’t send money yet.)

Here’s the Yr 2-4 Recorder Order note if you did not receive one:

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