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Week 8 Music update


Music Night – July 4th

Lots of rehearsing happening.

This event is the first ‘big’ instrumental or choir performance for quite a few of our students. Let’s celebrate and acknowledge that step in our students’ musical journey.

Here’s a copy of the note if needed. Paper copies available from the Music Room whiteboard.

Festival Choir

The ‘official’ Choir Photo will be available to order soon. In the meantime, enjoy our ‘fun’ version.

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Week 5 Music – DreamBIG, Choir, Music Night


DreamBIG Festival

We had a really good day. “A perfect day”, in the words of a Yr 6 Choir Member.

Being part of the Opening Event song and parade was fun and interesting. Thanks to all the parents who came into the City to be part of the atmosphere, and especially to Tammy and Megan for helping us all day.

The dance workshop was also very worthwhile, with our students making the most of the activities and engaging with the instructors energetically and respectfully.



The choir is working hard to learn all of this year’s songs. We’ll open next week’s Assembly with ‘Sea of Flags’. Kate W will be fresh from her Solo Audition and will front the choir for this song. Also next week will be internal auditions for the 8 solo roles in ‘The Nutcracker and the Mouse King’. We are aiming to perform the entire work at Music Night in Week 10 – see below.

Music Night

If your child learns a musical instrument with a visiting teacher at school, they should be receiving an invitation to perform at our annual Music Night on Tuesday July 4th. See the Instrumental Teacher or Mrs Videon for a form if you have not seen one yet.

The ‘Recital’ part of the evening will commence at 6p.m., in the Gym. Students will play a prepared piece to demonstrate their current level of skill and learning. Their teachers will let me know what pieces to expect. The format of the Recital will evolve as replies are received. Please send YES/NO replies asap, thanks.

The ‘Showcase’ part of the evening should start at approximately 6:50p.m. Our Strings students are preparing some ensemble pieces and will play as a String Orchestra. The Festival Choir will perform the ‘Nutcracker and the Mouse King’ and some invited individual musicians will entertain us.

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Time to Dream BIG!


You may have heard media reports of the DreamBIG Festival by now.

We are all set for a great day.

This morning’s BOM forecast says showers tomorrow mainly in the evening. Let’s go with that!

See previous post for the Plan B parade in case is is too wet.

We have 2 parent helpers confirmed – thank you.

Any other parents who wish to get themselves to the city to watch will have a great view from a special terraced area on Telstra Plaza (or inside the Oval if it is Plan B) Just follow the excited noise.

See you there



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DreamBIG Opening Event briefing


Hi everyone

I attended a briefing at Festival Centre after school yesterday.

Everything is in place for a fantastic event, come rain or shine. If the weather is too wet, An excellent ‘Plan B’ will shift the parade into the Adelaide Oval Concourse. This will utilise exactly the same bus drop off, meeting points, times etc. The strong message we were given was “There is no such thing as bad weather – only bad clothing choices!”  Also – no umbrellas in the parade, so shower-proof jackets with a hood will be best.

Should it be fine, 16 decorated parachutes will be spaced across the footbridge – held aloft by retired teachers. Students will pass under the parachutes. A ‘passing lane’ will be an option for any children who may feel uncomfortable about going under the ‘chutes

All registered parent volunteers who have offered to come and help are very welcome. We have plenty of seats on the bus. You will be part of the parade along with the students! Please meet me in the Music Room at 8:40a.m. on the day to receive your official wrist band. The students will need to be at their own classrooms by 8:50 to be marked on the roll – there is a special code for off-site DECD related excursions – then meet us in the Music Room at 9a.m.

Our workshop venue, after the parade, has been changed to the Banquet Room of Festival Theatre, so there will be less walking and more time for eating and taking in the atmosphere of the day.

Please drop in to school on Monday or Tuesday if you have any questions, or email me at robyn.videon208@schools.sa.edu.au

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Classroom Music Term 2, 2017

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Choir Excursion nearly here.


The excursion is next Thursday, 18th May – Week 3

Thanks for getting permission notes and payments all done. I’ll chase up the last few in the next couple of days. See earlier post (March 22nd) for permission slip. Michelle sent an electronic Invoice for the $18 last term.

The number of parents who have volunteered to come along and help is fantastic. If the bus has room, all of you are welcome (up to date police checks are essential). If we are restricted with seats on the bus, I’ll ‘draw straws’ during choir. All parents who have offered to come will be notified of the outcome this week.

Having such willing and able assistants for excursions adds a lot of value to everyone’s experience of the day, so thank you very much.

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Term 2 Music – Choir Congrats, Diary Dates & Recorder Roundup


We officially have an ‘A’ Grade Choir this year.

All 27 members were in very fine voice when assessed by David Jackson late in Term 1. CONGRATULATIONS! I AM ONE VERY PROUD CHOIR TEACHER.







Week 3, Thursday 18th May – Choir participates in Opening Event of the DreamBIG Children’s Festival in the City.

Week 8 and/or 9 – INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC WEEK. Students who learn their instrument at school perform for classes during their regular Instrumental Music lesson time. Timetable to be confirmed. Year 2, 3 & 4 classes will be included to showcase their recorder skills!

Week 10, Tuesday 4th July – Annual Music Night. Notices will be sent home via the Instrumental and Choir Teachers from Week 4.


Calling all Year 2, 3 & 4 students to find their recorders. Please ensure they are clean (Adult help – carefully separate sections, warm soapy water, rinse, air-dry for a day. A light smear of Vaseline or similar on the joints will help when re-assembling.)

We have lots of old favourites to play, and new songs to learn too. Students are responsible for having their recorder at school on Music day each week. Please support them and help with getting back into the routine. Thank you.

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Choir update – Weeks 9 & 10


Week 9

Tuesday 28/3. Excellent rehearsal. Beginning to ‘gel’ as a big team. Sounding lovely and learning quickly. Ms Popple joined the sopranos. Her baby is due in 4 weeks!

Wednesday 28/3. Extra 1/2 hour session with Cathy Lange to prepare for DreamBIG Festival Opening Event. The song is included in the Choir Book & CD, or can be accessed online here.

Thursday 29/3. Choir on stage at Assembly to lead the National Anthem, including Auslan signing for last 2 lines of each verse. Choir families subscribed to this blog as per request on Registration form.

Week 10

Tuesday 4/4. Choir Assessment by Mr David Jackson in our regular rehearsal time. Members can prepare by checking what should be known on their copy of the learning grid and memorising words for those sections already taught. David will be looking for great singing, outstanding ‘stage presence’ and absolute focus.


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Umbayalo – the hit song of Term 1 JP Music!


We have been using some tracks from the CD – Australian Ways with Orff this term.

Here’s a link so that you can enjoy these tracks at home too!

Australian Ways with Orff

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DreamBIG Choir excursion note


This note distributed to Choir classes on Thursday 23 March.

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